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I'm Argentine and in my roots, family, friends, passion and  love are connected,

 in many ways, by the food.

This is a work of love to honor my traditions. I would like to share the flavors of our most popular condiment, so each of you can feel the love and passion for food that makes me enjoy all the meals with family and friends...

Made with fresh ingredients, and no preservatives added. Spices are directly from Argentina, unique and original gift for clients and friends in a hearth friendly packaging.


It is such an essential part of Argentinian cuisine that it can be found on every dinner table. 

It is great to have with meat, fish, chicken or just alone with bread, as a unique appetizer. 

Thank you for choosing our product


Trip Adviser Comments

Paul T-Boulder, Colorado 

…I was surprised by the chimichurri because I never liked what I would get in a restaurant. But Zulma makes this herself and it has a different taste and I really liked it...


           Zulma Portillo 
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